Three Ways to Add Music to WhatsApp Status -

Three Ways to Add Music to WhatsApp Status - You can upload WhatsApp Statuses that are different from other users. For example, by adding music as the background of your status. 

WhatsApp does not currently have a feature to add music to the Status feature. This feature is already available on Instagram, so users can simply add a song directly when editing their stories. 

Therefore, for WhatsApp, you still need to use traditional methods. Such as recording it or using a video editing application. 

These methods may be something you have done before when the music feature was not available on some other social media platforms. Here's how to do it:

Enhance and revamp your WhatsApp statuses by incorporating unique elements that set you apart from other users.

 One way to achieve this is by adding music as the background of your status, a feature currently unavailable on WhatsApp but readily accessible on platforms like Instagram. 

To include music in your WhatsApp status, you will need to rely on traditional methods such as recording the desired song or utilising a video editing application. Whilst this may seem like a workaround, the end result can be just as impressive as having an in-built feature. Here are some creative ways to add music to your WhatsApp status:

1. Recording sound:

1. Prepare the song you wish to record on a separate device, using platforms like Spotify or Youtube Music to source the music.
2. Open WhatsApp and navigate to the Status feature.
3. Create a new Status and play the chosen song in the background.
4. Record the song through WhatsApp as it plays.
5. Once done, upload the recorded clip as your Status.

2. Adding music with another app:


- Launch the Tiktok app and access the video creation menu by tapping the plus sign.
- Click 'Add Sound' and search for the desired music.
- Once added, press 'Next' and upload the video to your Tiktok account.
- After uploading, share the video to WhatsApp directly from Tiktok.
- If the shared video carries a watermark, use a third-party website to download it without the watermark.


- Install the Capcut app on your phone (available for both Android and iOS users).
- Record a video using your phone and open the Capcut app to begin editing.
- Select 'New Project' and add music using the Audio button.
- Export and save the edited video.
- Upload the video from Capcut to your WhatsApp Status.

By exploring these methods, you can enhance your WhatsApp statuses with music and create captivating content that showcases your creativity. 

Give it a try to elevate your messaging experience and engage with your contacts in a unique and innovative way.

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