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60 Aesthetic Mobile Legends Squad Name Ideas, Best 2024

Mytips.id - Our team has compiled a list of aesthetic Mobile Legends squad name ideas that you can consider using in 2024. 

Choosing a squad name for Mobile Legends can indeed be a bit tricky. There are many factors to consider when selecting the right name. 

The truth is, the name of a squad does not have a direct impact on the quality of gameplay in a team in Mobile Legends. The quality of gameplay in a team is determined by the skills and qualities of each player involved in the squad. 

However, it is important not to underestimate the importance of having an interesting squad name. Having an appealing Mobile Legends squad name can be very beneficial for you. 

Your Mobile Legends team will be easily recognized by other players, and some may even praise your squad name if it is cool and different from the rest.

For those of you who are still struggling to choose a trendy and cool aesthetic Mobile Legends squad name in 2024, below are some recommendations that Suara.com has compiled:

1. Disaster Squad: A squad of disaster
2. Exile Knight: Knight in exile
3. Golden Wing: Golden wings
4. Hurricane: Storm
5. Legendary Species: Legendary species
6. Thunder Bolt: Lightning bolt
7. Thunder Warriors: Warriors of thunder
8. Total Annihilation: Total destruction
9. Trouble Maker: Troublemaker
10. Unity: Unity
11. Wonder Troops: Magical troops
12. Yellow Bunny: Yellow rabbit
13. Ame no Murakumo: Gathering clouds
14. Aomori Wat’s
15. Avispa Fukuoka
16. Blaublitz Akita
17. Cerezo Osaka
18. Okoku: Kingdom
19. Onikiri: Ghost cutter
20. Rakuten Golden Eagles
21. Rizing Zephyr Fukuoka
22. Roasso Kumamoto
23. Shiga Lakestars
24. Shinshu Brave Warriors
25. Tenka goken: Five sky swords
26. Tensai: Genius
27. Toyoda Gosei Scorpions
28. V-Varen Nagasaki
29. Dead End (DED): Dead end
30. Time Bomb (TOB): Time bomb
31. Mama Pride (MMP): Mother's pride
32. Shut Up (SUP): Silence
33. Silence Cave (SCC): Cave of silence
34. Swear (SWE): Oath
35. Venom (VNM): Snake venom
36. Last Hope (LOP): Last hope
37. Red Diamond (RDD): Red diamond
38. Five Dollars Man (DM5): $5 man
39. Misery (MSR): Misery
40. Lowcost (LOW): Low cost
41. Fatal Glitch (FGC): Fatal error
42. Baby Boss (BSS): Baby boss
43. Gold Axe (GOD): Gold axe
44. Fire Rune (FRR): Fire rune
45. Harvester (HVT): Harvester
46. Immune (IMM): Immune
47. Guillotine (GLL): Execution tool name in Europe
48. Fortune (FRT): Fortune
49. Knocking Off (K1O): Knocking off
50. 10 Feet Ahead (10F) : 10 steps ahead
51. Booster (BOO): Boost
52. Red Flag (RFG): Red flag
53. Gentleman (GTM): Gentleman
54. Bartender (BRT): Bartender
55. Moment (MMT): Momentum in the game that must be sought
56. Master of Destruction: Master of destruction
57. Money Always Right: Money is always right
58. Sand Storm: Sandstorm
59. Scary Dimension: Scary dimension
60. Symphony of the Death: Symphony of death
61. You Only Live Once (YOLO): You only live once
62. As Soon As Posible (ASAP): As soon as possible
63. Brass Monkeys (BRS): Cold nature
64. Face to Face (FTF): Face to face
65. Trouble Maker (TRM): Troublemaker
66. Fire Up (FU): Fired up
67. Painkiller (PK): Painkiller
68. Nightmare (NGH): Nightmare
69. Execution (EXC): Execution
70. Tough Fighter

These are some of the best aesthetic Mobile Legends squad name ideas for 2024 that you can consider. Remember, the choice of squad name may not directly affect gameplay, but having a cool and unique name can make your team stand out and be memorable to other players. Make sure to choose a name that reflects your team's personality and style. Good luck with your squad name selection!

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