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10 Best Selling Game in 2023: Sorry PUBG, FF or Mobile Legends You Lose

Mytips.id - Here are the top 10 best-selling mobile games until January 2024. If many of you would say these games are PUBG or ML, then you are greatly mistaken. As we all know, the mobile gaming industry is rapidly growing. 

Many developers, both big and small, are competing to create games that are loved by the public. However, only a few mobile games have succeeded in the market and become the most played.

According to a report by Gizchina, there are at least 10 best-selling mobile games by 2024. Unfortunately, PUBG, ML, or FF did not claim the top spot. 

According to the report, thanks to various activities such as new skins, new seasons, and limited-time skin returns, "Honor of Kings" reached its peak sales on January 5th. Following closely behind, Monopoly Go secured the second position with earnings of $227 million.

Although still one of the most popular games, Monopoly Go's position has declined compared to last year when it was the top-grossing game. Sensor Tower reported that 78% of the game's revenue comes from the American market, with Singapore contributing 3.3% and the UK contributing 3.2%. 

The other three games in the top five revenue list are "Royal Match" by Dream Games, "Roblox," and "Candy Crush Saga" by King.

The top 10 best-selling mobile games of 2024 are as follows:

1. Honor of Kings
2. Monopoly Go
3. Royal Match
4. Roblox
5. Candy Crush Saga
6. Coin Master
7. TFT: Teamfight Tactics
8. Genshin Impact
9. PUBG Mobile
10. Whiteout Survival

Looking at this list, PUBG Mobile ranks ninth while FF and ML do not make it into the top 10 best-selling mobile games of all time.

As we observe the global gaming industry's development, in January 2024, mobile gamers globally spent $6.5 billion on the App Store and Google Play, a 2.3% decrease month-over-month. The United States remains the highest-earning market in the world, contributing nearly $2 billion, accounting for 29.9% of the total global revenue. 

The Chinese iOS market ranks second, contributing 18.6%, while Japan comes in third with a 15.3% share.

Three Tencent-owned games occupy the top three positions in the list of global mobile game revenue growth in January. 

TFT: Teamfight Tactics and PUBG Mobile saw month-over-month growth of 515% and 148%, respectively. This is mainly due to various welfare activities and content updates during the Spring Festival.

These are the top 10 best-selling games of 2024 according to Gizchina, which may pique your curiosity.

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