There are Red and White Flags on Russia's Enemies List, Is That Indonesia? -

There are Red and White Flags on Russia's Enemies List, Is That Indonesia?, NEWS - Since Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Indonesia has firmly condemned this action through its representative at the United Nations (UN). 

For Indonesia, Russia's actions clearly violate the UN Charter, which aims to maintain world peace and security. However, Russia seems to disregard the condemnation from various countries, including Indonesia, in the UN emergency session on the invasion of Ukraine. 

Indonesia strongly voiced its condemnation of Russia's invasion of Ukraine during the voting process. On the other hand, Russia justified its invasion as a special military operation aimed at reducing NATO's influence in Ukraine, which is inherently a buffer zone for Russia. 

Moscow even affirmed that they would not cease military operations in Ukraine in the near future. Furthermore, Ukraine continues to launch attacks on areas controlled by Russia. 

According to a report on January 30, 2024, a spectacular explosion rocked a large fuel export terminal in the Baltic Sea southwest of St. Petersburg, caused by a Ukrainian drone, forcing energy company Novatek to suspend its operations for several days. 

This attack demonstrates how the conflict between Russia and Ukraine truly colors the situation in that region. The organized attacks by Ukraine have been troublesome for Russia, especially because these attacks are carried out randomly and cannot be easily dealt with by Russia. 

International news also reported that such attacks have dealt a heavy blow to President Vladimir Putin's efforts to convince the Russian people that their lives are mostly unaffected by the war that has been raging for nearly two years. 

Defense analyst Michael Kofman explained that Vladimir Putin is starting to grow bored with the developments in the war in Ukraine. Ironically, Ukraine is now the one carrying out attacks against Russia, albeit sporadically. 

"Ukraine has increased its capabilities to launch retaliatory attacks against Russia. You can see the increase in Ukrainian attacks on critical Russian infrastructure, including retaliatory strikes on cities like Belgorod and larger attacks on Russian military bases in Crimea," said Kofman, a military expert at the Carnegie Endowment. 

As a result of the ongoing attacks, Russia has started publishing a list of countries that it considers its enemies. One of the flags seen on this list is the red and white flag of Monaco. Russia officially announced that it regards these countries as its enemies. 

"Russia has made a significant decision in the midst of the war with Ukraine. In addition to Ukraine, Russia's hostility towards European Union countries has been widely known. And now, Russia has added four other countries to their list of enemies," as reported by CGTN on March 7, 2022. 

A total of 27 countries are included in this list, including Monaco, Singapore, Australia, the United States, and of course Ukraine, among others. 

Russia then took hostile action against these countries after announcing the list. This situation indicates an escalating conflict between Russia and Ukraine, as well as its impact on Russia's relationships with other countries. 

The sustainability and resolution of this conflict require strong diplomatic efforts from all parties involved. In facing this situation, Indonesia continues to play an active role in international forums such as the UN to advocate for world peace and security.

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