Natuna Rumbles When Indonesian Air Force F-16 Fighter Planes Fly in the South China Sea -

Natuna Rumbles When Indonesian Air Force F-16 Fighter Planes Fly in the South China Sea, NEWS - The Northern skies of the Indonesian archipelago are ablaze with the thunderous sound of supersonic, multirole F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft of the Indonesian Air Force. 

On Thursday (7/12/2023), the Open Base event at the Raden Sadjad Air Base in Natuna, Riau Islands Province, captivated the onlookers with awe as hundreds of eyes admired the magnificent display of these fighter jets.

The two-day event attracted a wide range of participants, including students and university students from the Natuna Regency. The F-16 fighter aircraft is one of the prides of the Indonesian Air Force. With its speed and advanced technology, this aircraft gallantly dominates the sky. It's no wonder that its presence always steals the spotlight at every aviation event.

During this open base event, the public had the opportunity to witness a static show of the F-16 fighter aircraft from the 16th Air Squadron, 6th Wing, Lanud Roesmin Nurjadin in Pekanbaru. They also had the chance to see the AS-332 C1e Super Puma helicopter from the 6th Air Squadron, Lanud Atang Sendjaja in Bogor, as well as the Oerlikon Skyshield weaponry from Denhanud 477 Kopasgat Natuna.

Colonel Dedy Iskandar, Commander of Lanud Raden Sadjad, stated that the open base event is part of patrolling the Indonesian airspace. Additionally, it serves as an opportunity for Lanud RSA to inspire the interest and love for the aerospace industry among students and the people of Natuna through Binpotdirga Lanud RSA.

"This event is also a form of socialization to the Natuna community about the role of the Indonesian Air Force in safeguarding the sovereignty of the Indonesian airspace," he said.

Danlanud RSA hopes that the open base event at Lanud RSA and the showcasing of Indonesian Air Force weaponry can inspire students to pursue careers in the aerospace industry and raise public awareness about the importance of safeguarding the sovereignty of Indonesian airspace.

"Who knows, among the younger ones here, there might be future pilots or aircraft technicians for the Indonesian Air Force who are born from this open base event," he added.

The enthusiasm of the Natuna community towards this open base event is remarkable. The overflowing crowds at the Lanud RSA open base area and the distribution of exclusive merchandise such as caps, keychains, and stickers featuring Indonesian Air Force aircraft have added a festive atmosphere to the event, drawing enthusiastic responses from the visitors.

"I am delighted to have the opportunity to see the Indonesian Air Force aircraft up close. This is my first time entering an Air Base," said Setya, one of the students attending the open base event at Lanud RSA.

The open base event also allowed the students from Angkasa Kindergarten School at Lanud RSA, accompanied by teachers and parents, to take photos with the pilots in front of Indonesian Air Force aircraft.

The event was further enlivened by bazaars set up by various organizations, such as Puskopau Lanud RSA, PIA Ardhya Garini Branch 17/D.I Lanud RSA, 52nd Air Squadron, Satrad 212 Ranai, Denhanud 477 Kopasgat, Basarnas, and local Natuna community SMEs.

The event was graced by the presence of Bupati Natuna, Wan Siswandi, S.Sos., M.Si, and Sekda Natuna, Wijanarko Varianto, SE, along with the ranks of the Natuna Regional Security Coordination Agency, who fully supported the event.

The Open Base event at Lanud RSA has demonstrated the impressive capabilities and strengths of the Indonesian Air Force, leaving a lasting impression on all those who witnessed it. Through events like these, the Indonesian Air Force aims to inspire the younger generation, foster an interest in aerospace, and instill a sense of national pride and the importance of protecting the sovereignty of Indonesian airspace.

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