How to Convert Numbers to Rupiah in Google Sheets, It's This Easy -

How to Convert Numbers to Rupiah in Google Sheets, It's This Easy - Converting numbers to Rupiah in Google Sheets is a simple task that can be easily accomplished. By following the steps outlined below, you can change numbers to Rupiah in Google Sheets. 

Did you know that there are currently at least 164 circulating currencies in the world? This can sometimes confuse Google Sheets users when it comes to changing currencies. However, once you know the trick, the process is actually quite straightforward and only requires a few steps. 

Google Sheets provides a way for you to change presets to the currency format you desire. has compiled a guide on how to change Currency in Google Sheets and how to create a currency converter using Google Sheets.

You can use the multiplication formula in Google Sheets to apply conversion factors to current data if you want to convert the value of one currency to another, as well as some functions that can automate the retrieval of unique and timely Forex data for Google Sheets. 

Changing Currency Format Before you do anything else, make sure that the numbers in question are formatted as Currency. As is known, currency formats vary from one country to another. A real example in this explanation is the Euro and Dollar currency formats. 

Dollar uses the symbol $ while Euro uses €. The steps to change the currency format are as follows:

1. Open your Google Sheet.

2. Select the cell you want to format.

3. In the main menu, open the format menu, which in Excel will resemble the custom number format panel.

4. Open the number tab, then select Currency, such as Rupiah.

5. As a result, all numbers in the selected cell will be formatted as Currency with the default Google Spreadsheet currency.

6. To change several currency numbers to another currency type, such as Euro, select the cell you want to change.Eng

If your Google Sheet uses English language menus, the steps are as follows:

1. Open your data in Google Sheets.

2. Select the numbers or data you want to convert to currency.

3. Highlight all those amounts.

4. Click "Format."

5. Choose "Number."

6. Select "Custom Currency."

Choose the currency format as needed. For example, "Indonesian Rupiah."

Click "Apply." Changing Default Currency Format in Google Spreadsheet Now that we know how to change Currency, let's see how we can change the default currency format for your convenience.

1. Open File, then click Settings to open the spreadsheet settings.

2. Choose the country you want to set the default currency format for from the dropdown menu.

3. Since we want our default currency to be set to Rupiah, let's choose Indonesia.

4. Save the settings and you're done.

These are the steps to convert numbers to Rupiah in Google Sheets that you may be looking for. We hope this information is helpful!

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