Russia Explains The Bitter Reality if Indonesia is Determined to Buy 11 Unit Su-35 -

Russia Explains The Bitter Reality if Indonesia is Determined to Buy 11 Unit Su-35, NEWS - Indonesia has decided to postpone the purchase of Su-35 jets from Russia. Following the failed sale to Indonesia, Russia has started to search for other potential buyers. 

Iran has emerged as Russia's main target to replace Indonesia in purchasing the Su-35 jets. Iran is willing to buy a large quantity of Su-35 jets from Russia to modernize its air fleet, alongside the Yakovlev Yak-130 training aircraft. 

Iran's choice of the Su-35 stems from their trust in Russian fighter jets, despite having the option of Chinese jets. "Amidst the growing relationship, Iran's Deputy Minister of Defense has announced the purchase of advanced fighter jets Sukhoi-35 as part of their latest weapons deal with Moscow.

Iran is eagerly awaiting the delivery of the Mil Mi-28 attack helicopters, Sukhoi-35 fighter jets, and Yak-130 training planes in the near future, as the regime seeks to bolster its supplies from sanctioned countries," Iran International reports. 

That Country acknowledges that the Su-35 is capable of rivaling Israel's F-35. The presence of these super flankers would put pressure on Israel. 

"Iran's pursuit of the Russian Sukhoi-35 stems from their perception of it as a formidable competitor to America's F-35. Given their aging fleet of fighter jets, many of which were acquired during the Shah's reign, this acquisition signals the potential for modernization of Iran's air force," the report states.

However, Russia has refrained from commenting too much on Iran's purchase of the Su-35. This is because Russia wants to deploy the Su-35 in the Ukrainian combat zone. 

Russia's actions are justified as they believe the Su-35 needs to experience the realities of war. "The new generation fighter jets give Russia increased dominance over the conflict zone in eastern Ukraine.

This potentially worrisome change threatens the United States and its allies, as Russia's inability to achieve complete air superiority during a war has been crucial to Ukraine's success on the battlefield," explains ABC News. 

This is bad news for Ukraine, as the F-16s donated by NATO have yet to arrive. The Ukrainian Air Force's MiG-29s are no match for the Su-35. 

"Russia's air superiority poses a real risk. It is a problem. What we keep telling America is that ultimately, there is no other solution than to provide us with Western fighter jets," says a Ukrainian military official.

Despite the hype surrounding the Su-35 as a heavy class fighter jet, it cannot fight alone, especially with only a small number in possession. 

Russia admits that Indonesia's purchase of just 11 Su-35 units will not significantly enhance the combat capabilities of the archipelago nation. 

"However, a mere 11 Su-35 units will not provide significant advantages in all operational directions for the Indonesian Air Force, except for local superiority in small areas in the southern and northern air directions," explains Russian media outlet Topwar on April 4, 2017. 

It is true that Indonesia's 11 Su-35 units do not have a deterrent effect on other nations.

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