Best Hosting 2024 that is Safe, Satisfactory Service and Rarely Trouble -

Best Hosting 2024 that is Safe, Satisfactory Service and Rarely Trouble - Here are 5 affordable hosting recommendations in Indonesia that you can use for your website. 

It is undeniable that hosting is important for those who have a website. So dont  make the mistake of choosing quality hosting

1. Hostinger

Hostinger is the top choice for cheap web hosting because it offers premium services at a very affordable registration price. 

For this list, we provide the cheapest package with a 12-month price of Rp 19,900 per month, but if you choose 48 months, you will only be charged Rp 12,900 per month! 

Their servers are incredibly fast globally due to having data centers all around the world, which is surprising considering the low price. In addition to speed and features, Hostinger has an excellent support team that serves more than 20 countries in their native language. 

Hostinger has truly made a breakthrough with their affordable packages, especially for those who are just starting out.

2. HostMetro

HostMetro offers 1 free domain name for the MegaMax package, with maximum storage and bandwidth (note the use of the word "maximum" instead of "unlimited").

Basically, this means there are storage and bandwidth limits for each account, but they will increase the storage amount for free as long as you stay within the usage terms, meaning you don't use up the allocated capacity to store media. This sounds quite reasonable to me. 

With HostMetro, you will be able to host as many websites as you want with unlimited domain hosting, but the best thing about this brand (at least for me) is the fact that their prices will never change.

If you pay Rp 55,695, you will pay Rp 55,695 as long as you continue to use their services.

3. DomaiNesia

 The best deal from DomaiNesia is in the 'Starter' package, which starts at Rp 12,250 per month (2-year contract) or Rp 14,000 (1-year contract). 

FYI, Rp 14,000 is the cheapest annual hosting cost on this list. The plus point of the 'Starter' package or the cheapest hosting package from DomaiNesia is the amount of resources provided vs. the price you pay.

With the 'Starter' package, you can host 1 website, have cPanel control panel, 0.6GB disk space, unlimited bandwidth, 3 email accounts, free SSL, and a 20-day unconditional hosting guarantee.

4. IDCloudHost

The cheap shared cloud hosting package from IDCloudHost is the 'Starter PRO', offered at Rp 15,000 per month. You can choose to pay for hosting monthly, every three months, every six months, or every 3 years, with a pricing structure that is deemed the fairest compared to its competitors. 

What does this mean? There are no pricing games played to force customers to choose a longer payment duration in order to get a much cheaper hosting price. 

With the 'Starter PRO' package, you can have cPanel control panel, 1GB storage, unlimited bandwidth, 1 shared core CPU, 512MB shared RAM, and a 10-day hosting guarantee with certain conditions.

5. Dewabiz

Dewabiz is a hosting provider with the most powerful hardware specifications compared to other shared hosting providers. 

This is reflected in load testing results where the average server response time is low (or fast) at 970.61 ms, making it the fastest at number 2. 

However, they have one weak point: uptime stability. Based on our research, their uptime stability level is disappointing.

 If we look at the package names, Dewabiz is similar to IDCloudHost. Their cheapest shared cloud hosting package, the 'Starter PRO', has the same name as IDCloudHost. Not only that, but their hosting specifications are also similar. 

The difference lies in the pricing and hardware specifications. With the 'Starter PRO' package, you get cPanel control panel, 1GB storage, unlimited bandwidth, 1 shared core CPU, 512MB shared RAM, and a 30-day hosting guarantee with certain conditions.

 As for the pricing, it starts from Rp 9,900 per month, but this can only be obtained if you are willing to subscribe for 2 years in advance. What if you want to pay per month, every 3 or 6 months? The price becomes much higher, at Rp 25,000 per month.

These are the recommended affordable hosting options for your website needs in Indonesia. Choose the one that suits your requirements and budget.

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