How to Be Best Jungler di Mobile Legends 2024 -

How to Be Best Jungler di Mobile Legends 2024 - Here is a guide on how to become a Jungler in Mobile Legends that you can consider before deciding to take on this hero role. 

As known, Mobile Legends has become one of the best games in the world today. Launched in 2016, this MMORPG game has gathered a large fan base that continues to grow until March 2024. 

Not only that, the developers also constantly provide updates to their game. With this in mind, players must develop new strategies regularly and fine-tune old strategies to increase their chances of winning.

If you are currently looking for a guide to becoming a jungler in Mobile Legends, has some interesting tips that you may find helpful.

Guide to Becoming a Jungler in Mobile Legends

1. Play aggressively to eliminate enemy jungle monsters

This may be the best strategy if your team likes to rush and play aggressively. Choose the right hero to support fast movement and attack enemy jungle early in the game. 

When you kill jungle monsters in the enemy's jungle, the enemy team's farming will be greatly affected as they will lose a significant amount of gold and exp.

In the early stages of Mobile Legends Bang Bang matches, jungle champions will attack enemy jungle and use their crowd control skills (that's why you use mid-laner or roamer) to reset jungle creeps, make opponents stunned, or steal their buffs.

The main goal of this strategy is to steal buffs from their team if possible. However, you will have to fight against enemy champions when trying to do so. 

Therefore, it requires a lot of skills and adjustments to plans depending on the situation. This influences the beginning of great invasion strategies in MLBB.

2. Disturb Enemy Jungler

Since invading the enemy jungle is a common strategy, pro players will try to stop it by any means necessary. So, it's better not to force aggressive play too much.

Although stealing the enemy's jungle buff would be great, staying alive to disturb them and prevent them from eliminating jungle monsters early in the game can also give your team some tactical advantages.

Whenever your HP is almost depleted while invading the jungle in MLBB, retreat. With this strategy, you are likely to stop them from completing their goals for quite some time, which will make their team outnumbered in battles in most games.

However, if you are killed in the fight while waiting to respawn, enemy champions may eliminate their jungle monsters to get gold, EXP, and the momentum needed to win the game.

That is the guide to becoming a jungler in Mobile Legends that you can consider following. Good luck!

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