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Waiting for the Resilience of the Red and White Frigate after Prabowo Becomes President

Mytips.id, NEWS - Indonesia Embarks on Historic Shipbuilding Milestone with First 'Red White' Frigate

A momentous occasion unfolded on August 25th at PT PAL Indonesia's shipyard in Surabaya City, East Java. The keel laying ceremony marked the commencement of the construction of Indonesia's first 'Red White' frigate. 

This milestone signals the birth of the largest and most advanced surface combatant vessel ever built within the nation's borders. Indicative of Indonesia's unwavering dedication to bolstering its domestic defence industry, these frigates, based on Babcock's esteemed Arrowhead 140 design, stand as a testament to the nation's commitment to growth.

The contract for the construction of these remarkable frigates was formalised between PT PAL and the Indonesian Ministry of Defence on April 30th, 2020. After an anticipation-filled year, the contract's effectiveness commenced on May 24th, 2021. 

In September of the same year, PT PAL solidified its partnership with Babcock by signing a design license agreement, enabling local construction of these awe-inspiring frigates.

With the keel laying ceremony, the shipbuilding journey commences in earnest. The first frigate's initial steel cutting, assigned construction number W000304, was conducted on December 9th, 2022. 

While progress on the second frigate, construction number W000305, remains undisclosed, PT PAL's experience in constructing the SIGMA 10514 frigate with Dutch shipbuilder Damen will undoubtedly contribute to their work on the Red White frigate.

David Lockwood, CEO of Babcock, extended his congratulations to PT PAL in achieving this remarkable milestone. 

He expressed his eagerness in witnessing the Arrowhead 140 design come alive through the frigate programme. This successful collaboration between PT PAL, Babcock, and the Indonesian Ministry of Defence stands as proof of their collective commitment to excellence and the advancement of Indonesia's defence capabilities.

Iqbal Fikri, PT PAL's Chief Operating Officer, emphasised that the frigate project forms a crucial part of the Indonesian Government's dedication to strengthening the domestic defence industry and reducing reliance on imported weapons and platforms. This project represents a significant stride forward in enhancing Indonesia's maritime capabilities.

Named after the colours of the Indonesian flag, the Red White frigate promises exceptional performance. Equipped with Combined Diesel and Diesel (CODAD) propulsion, it boasts a maximum speed of 28 knots at full load and an impressive endurance of 9,000 miles while travelling at 18 knots. Its formidable arsenal includes a 24-cell vertical launching system (VLS) for medium-range surface-to-air missiles (SAMs), a 32-cell VLS for long-range SAMs, and a 16-cell system for surface-to-surface missiles (SSMs).

Insights into the frigate's weaponry placement were provided during the keel laying ceremony. Notably, the vessel will feature two forward-mounted 76mm naval gun systems, supplied by Leonardo. This unique configuration enhances the frigate's tactical capabilities. 

Reports suggest that Turkish company Havelsan will provide the combat management system (CMS), potentially including Turkish radar systems. The sensor suite may also comprise MBDA ASTER surface-to-air missiles and Indian Brahmos anti-ship missiles, although formal confirmation is pending. 

The final configuration will hinge on the Ministry of Defence and the Indonesian Navy's budget and mission requirements.

The internationally acclaimed Arrowhead 140 design, created by Babcock and inspired by the Danish OMTS Iver Huitfeldt-class frigate, continues to garner recognition. The UK's Type 31 programme, Poland's Miecznik programme, and now Indonesia's Red White frigate programme have all embraced this cutting-edge design. 

With its versatility and adaptability, the Arrowhead 140 design continues to captivate navies worldwide.

In addition to the Red White frigates, PT PAL has undertaken the construction of a Landing Platform Dock (LPD) for the Philippine Navy, further showcasing their capability to manage multiple high-profile projects.

The keel laying ceremony marks the beginning of an exciting chapter in Indonesia's naval capabilities. This achievement underscores the nation's ability to locally produce advanced surface combatants, highlighting their commitment to technological advancement and self-reliance. 

As progress unfolds within the Red White frigate programme, we eagerly anticipate witnessing the realisation of this ambitious project in Indonesia.

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