US Denies Houthis Attacked US Navy USS Puller -

US Denies Houthis Attacked US Navy USS Puller, NEWS - The Military of Saudi Arabia has denied the claims made by Houthi militants regarding their missile attack on the USS Lewis B. 

Puller, a special operations platform currently operating off the coast of Yemen.

In a statement made on social media on Monday, Houthi spokesperson Yahya Saree said, "As a justification for the oppressed Palestinian people, and as a response to the American-British aggression against our country... [Houthi forces] have launched suitable naval missiles against the US Navy ship 'Lewis B. Puller' in the Gulf of Aden. The burning of Israeli, American, and British ships will continue until the blockade in Gaza ends."

However, a US official refuted the claim that the Puller had been attacked by Houthi missiles and stated that there were no reports of such an attempt.

Saree also noted that the Puller had been involved in supporting US military operations against Houthi interests. The ship was used as a platform to launch ill-fated dhow boats off the coast of Somalia on January 11, resulting in the seizure of Iranian-made missile components, according to defense officials.

Unfortunately, this action led to the loss of two US Navy SEAL members' lives.

Over the past three months, Houthi rebels in Yemen have repeatedly targeted merchant and navy vessels in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. 

Last Friday, the group targeted and attacked the LR2 Marlin Luanda tanker, which was on lease to Trafigura and carrying Russian nafta cargo. The attack caused one cargo tank to rupture, and it took a whole day to extinguish the resulting fire.

In November, the group seized a transport vehicle, the Galaxy Leader, while it was in transit on the Red Sea. The ship remains under guard near Hodeidah, with negotiations for the release of the crew ongoing.

Such events highlight the escalating tensions and potential threats in the region, with Houthi rebels actively engaging in acts of aggression against international ships. The denial by Saudi officials regarding the attack on the USS Lewis B. 

Puller serves to maintain stability and peace in the region, while shedding light on the continued challenges faced by maritime security forces.

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