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8 Secret New Strategy Mobile Legends You Need to Know

Mytips.id - There are many things in Mobile Legends that you should probably know, so you can play well. Because, Mobile Legends is a game that tests your intelligence in winning the game and defeating your enemies.

When playing Mobile Legends, there are many strategies you can use to make your hero stronger, or attack the enemy and defeat him. Because, this game also relies on your teamwork to win the game.

Here we will provide Strategies in Mobile Legends (ML) that you can try, when you play with your friends. Some of the existing strategies can be said to be basic strategies, which you can use when playing.

1. Funneling

Funneling is a strategy where the support team or tank holds back the creep until the hero carry or hard carry takes it. So that way, the Gold will be given by the carry Hero and not taken by the support.

This is very important to do and can make quite a difference later. Because, every Creep at the start of the game will be very beneficial for the carry hero to be able to increase gold and EXP later.

2. Ganking

Ganking is a strategy where the hero roams and attacks enemy heroes simultaneously. This is usually done by heroes to help their friends on other lanes and will be very profitable for them.

By doing Gank, it will be easier for you to defeat the enemy. Not only that, this can also help your hero team in farming, because there are no other heroes who will bother them later.

3. Flanks

Almost the same as Ganking, but this is only done by one hero. Usually this is done by assassin heroes or heroes who can roam and defeat enemies 1 vs 1 easily.

Maybe Ganking and Flank can be said to be almost the same. However, the two are different because the way to do it is also different. Ganking is more about a team, so you fight heroes simultaneously with other members. Meanwhile, Flank Himself

4. Split Push

Split Push is a strategy where one of your team's heroes pushes on another lane, while you do teamfight or push on another lane to attract the enemy's attention to push.

This strategy is a bit difficult to do, because to do a split push, it means that one of your team members is far enough away to do the push. Meanwhile, you have to do teamfight or keep the enemy away from the tower.

5. Harass

Harass is a strategy used by heroes to continue attacking the enemy so that the enemy is forced to retreat or heal. Usually heroes who can harass are heroes who have strong poke damage.

Most heroes who can do Harass are mage or support heroes who have a long skill range to attack enemies. This will make it difficult for the enemy to farm because they continue to receive damage.

6. Creep Cut

Creep Cut is a strategy that makes your creep run smoothly. The method is quite easy, you only need to clean the creep before meeting your creep or before the enemy creep passes the tower.

This is usually done to push, or to defeat enemies who are under the tower. Usually done by Assassins because they have strong movement skills and can clear creeps easily.

7. Formation 212

This one is more of a formation where the team plays with 2 heroes in Bot Lane, 1 Hero in Mid, and also 2 heroes in Top Lane. That way, each team gets equal gold and experience when farming.

You could say that this formation is actually quite effective, if you don't have a jungler, or the jungler you have is a Hyper Carry jungler like Yin Sun Shin or Claude. By taking jungle and lane, this hero can lift the team.

8. Formation 112

This formation is quite widely used. Actually, this formation is more like 1 Offlaner hero in EXP Lane, 1 Mid Hero, 1 Jungler, and 1 Hard Carry with support in Gold Lane. Of course, the team can do farming easily.

You have to play actively, such as EXP Lane helping Mid Lane clear Creeps, Mid Lane ganking Gold Lane, Jungler doing Flank and Support helping Hard Carry in Gold Lane in looking for Gold.

Those are tips regarding 5 strategies in Mobile Legends (ML) that you should know when playing. This can help you when you play Mobile Legends. Because, many players in Mobile Legends play carelessly and become a burden.

Even if you don't play well, at least you can help the team and work together when playing. By following the existing formations and strategies, it will be easier for you to win the game.

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