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Houthi Yaman Give Way to Indonesian Oil Ships in the Red Sea but Attack Destroyers Owned by the British Empire

Mytips.id, NEWS - In a remarkable display of success, an Indonesian oil tanker smoothly navigated through the treacherous waters of the Red Sea. 

However, the same fate did not befall a British royal vessel. According to the UK Defense Secretary, Grant Shapps, Houthi rebels had illegally attacked HMS Diamond, a ship belonging to the British Royal Navy, as it sailed through the Red Sea. 

Taking to Twitter, Shapps declared, "Britain remains undeterred after yesterday's illegal attack on @HMSDiamond by Houthi, supported by Iran. Our commitment to protecting innocent lives and ensuring freedom of navigation remains unshakable."

Referring to this alleged unlawful assault, the Ministry of Defense in the UK adamantly stated that the actions of the Houthi rebels could not be tolerated. It is worth noting that the British destroyer, along with US Navy ships deployed in the area, had become targets of this Yemeni faction. 

This incident occurred shortly after another rebel attack on a British-affiliated oil tanker in the Gulf of Aden, which resulted in a devastating fire that raged for hours until Saturday. The blaze aboard the Marlin Luanda was finally extinguished without any casualties among the ship's unmanned crew, thanks to the intervention of French, Indian, and US naval forces.

Although the ship sails under the flag of the Marshall Islands, it is managed by Oceonix Services Ltd, a registered company in the UK. On Friday, Yemeni forces claimed responsibility for targeting the vessel in response to what they perceived as American and British aggression against their nation. The Houthi group has repeatedly launched attacks on ships in the vicinity of the Red Sea during Israel's conflict with Hamas in Gaza. However, they often target vessels with weak or unclear ties to Israel, thus endangering vital global trade routes.

Despite these challenges, two ships managed to navigate the Red Sea unharmed. On January 17th, the Indonesian-flagged tanker Gamsunoro and the Free Spirit, flying the flag of the Marshall Islands, successfully passed through the Bab al-Mandab, a strait known for its strategic significance. Both vessels accomplished this feat without incident, adding to their maritime achievements.

These recent events highlight the ongoing tensions in the Red Sea region and the potential dangers faced by ships navigating these waters.

The attacks on the British destroyer and the oil tanker underscore the need for continued vigilance and efforts to ensure the safety of innocent lives and guarantee freedom of navigation. The UK government remains resolute in its commitment to safeguarding these principles, despite the challenges posed by illegal actions and hostile factions.

In conclusion, the successful passage of the Indonesian and Marshall Islands tankers through the Red Sea serves as a reminder of the importance of secure and unimpeded trade routes.

 It also highlights the need for international cooperation to address the threats posed by rebel groups like the Houthi. As tensions persist in this region, it is vital for nations to remain united in their efforts to protect innocent lives, uphold freedom of navigation, and promote stability in the global shipping industry.

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