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Spy X Family chapter 96: Review and Revealing the Secret that Anya Whispered to Damian

Mytips.id, GEEK - Spy x Family chapter 96 was released in Japan on Monday, 18th March 2024, at 12 am JST. In this chapter, Anya successfully defeats her competitors in various challenges, eventually earning the chance to dance with Damian. 

While dancing, she finally reveals to Damian that she can read minds. The focus of Spy x Family chapter 96 is on the developing relationship between Anya and Damian. 

Anya reaches a point where she feels comfortable sharing her secret mind-reading abilities with Damian, showing the strengthening of their bond.

Anya divulges her secret to Damian as they dance together in Spy x Family Chapter 96. 


The chapter begins with Emile and Ewen announcing to the girls that they must compete against each other in a series of challenges, with the last one standing receiving the grand prize of dancing with Damian. This ignites a fire in the girls as their feminine pride is put on the line.

The initial challenge for the girls is the "Stork Stand Clapping Endurance Battle." 

Contestants must stand on one foot and clap in rhythm. Any contestant who loses balance, touches the ground with their foot, or claps out of sync will be eliminated.

Disguised as a servant, Loid cleverly anticipates that Anya will need assistance to succeed in this challenge. 

Therefore, he ingeniously ties a string to her body to help her stand steady and maintain balance. With her father's help, Anya quickly executes the clapping while showcasing various poses.

The second challenge presents obstacles with traps to evaluate and advance only the five most agile contestants to the next round of the competition. Anya successfully navigates all obstacles despite stumbling and awkwardly tripping. 

This is unlike the other girls who hesitate, worrying about appearing less graceful, thus slowing down their speed. 

Afterwards, Anya forcibly barges through the traps to the final part of the obstacle course, a crawling worm. As weird movements are her secret talent, Anya successfully dominates the crawl, securing third place and advancing to the final stage of the competition.

The final challenge is a quiz about Damian, where the girls must correctly answer five questions about Damian. 

Anya easily wins this round due to her mind-reading capabilities. However, she nearly reveals her secret in one of her answers, surprising everyone. In the end, she wins the competition by correctly answering the question about who Damian loves the most. 

While the remaining girls mention their names, Anya cleverly answers that Damian loves his father, ensuring her victory. While Damian pretends to be unhappy with the outcome, he agrees to dance with Anya.

Although their initial dance is somewhat awkward, they quickly find their rhythm, and it appears they are having fun. 

As they dance, Damian casually asks how Anya knew the answers to the quiz, jokingly asking if she reads his mind. Anya firmly answers yes, revealing her ability to read minds. 

However, Damian does not believe her and accuses her of watching too many cartoons. They then begin to argue again, with the final page of Spy x Family Chapter 96 showing that their friendship level is +100.

In conclusion, Spy x Family chapter 96 highlights the growing bond between Anya and Damian, with moments of humour, suspense, and camaraderie. The chapter cleverly weaves together competition, secrets, and character development, keeping readers engaged and eager for more.

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