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Review of Realme 12 Pro+, Mid-Range HP Intended to Use a Periscope Camera - Realme 12 Pro Plus has been released in Indonesia Thursday (29/2/2024). Realme 12 Pro Plus is claimed to be the first smartphone in the mid-range segment to feature flagship-level periscope telephoto lens. Its standout camera features include Portrait 3x and Super Zoom 120x. 

Besides the camera aspects, the phone also sees improvements from its predecessor in terms of chipset and design.

The chipset utilises the Qualcomm Snapdragon 7s Gen 2 processor built on a 4nm process. As for the design, the phone is wrapped in premium vegan leather that offers a luxurious feel, as well as dust and dirt resistance.

The quality of the camera, battery life and user comfort were evaluated to support everyday activities. The unit tested was the Realme 12 Pro Plus 5G with 12GB RAM and 512GB storage in Navigator Beige colour.

This is All The Review form Realme 12 Pro +

Design and Flagship-Class Display

Realme 12 Pro Plus introduces a more luxurious design compared to its previous model. The camera design, for example, features a circular rear camera module that stands out resembling a luxury watch. 

The back is wrapped in premium vegan leather, providing a comfortable grip despite its large size. It also prevents the phone from feeling slippery when held without a silicon case.

Moving on to the front, the Realme 12 Pro Plus features a curved OLED 6.7-inch display with thin bezels.

The screen offers an optimal visual experience with a resolution of 2412 x 1080 FHD+, 1.07 billion colours, touch sampling rate of 240Hz, and instant sampling rate of up to 2000Hz. The curved display is safeguarded by a secondary 0.55mm tempered glass.

In our experience, the curved screen of the Realme 12 Pro Plus is comfortable for extended use, whether for watching movies, series, or playing games, as it provides a wider and more spacious view.

Build quality and overall impression of the phone are solid for us. The only complaint is the positioning of the fingerprint reader, which is too close to the bottom edge of the screen. 

While the feature is fast and responsive, it can be awkward to reach with the thumb in normal phone holding positions.

Realme 12 Pro Plus is a mid-range phone focused on camera capabilities, featuring three rear cameras. It consists of a 50MP main camera with a 1/1.56″ Sony IMX890 sensor equipped with OIS, an 8MP ultra-wide camera, and a 64MP periscope telephoto lens with an Omnivision OV64B sensor offering 3x optical zoom, 6x in-sensor zoom, and digital zoom up to 120x.

What's cool?

First, we will discuss its Portrait mode. In this mode, there are only two zoom options: 1x and 3x. The 1x mode has a wide field of view similar to the main camera. 

However, for a Portrait mode, we feel that the 1x zoom option is too wide, lacking the desired effect.

Switching to the 3x Portrait mode, we find it suitable for capturing faces and focusing on a single subject. We are more satisfied using this mode for photography as the results are quite impressive, making the captured images look more vibrant.

One downside of this setting is the small focus point, leading to easy loss of focus in certain areas of the image. Also, the shooting distance between the camera and the subject must be adjusted. Failure to do so makes it difficult for the camera to find the desired focus.

You need to wait for the "Ready" signal before using the 3x Portrait mode. Additionally, Realme 12 Pro Plus emphasises its Super Zoom feature. 

Functioning similarly to digital zoom on flagship phones, users can select zoom magnification levels from 0.6x to 6x, and by tapping and holding the selected number while swiping on the screen, they can achieve up to 120x zoom. 

Images taken using the zoom feature remain consistent in colour and focus, but quality may slightly decrease and noise may increase at higher zoom levels.

Another noteworthy feature on the Realme 12 Pro Plus 5G is its night mode. Photos taken in night mode exhibit excellent colours and brightness, delivering impressive results even with a 6x zoom. 

The front camera of the Realme 12 Pro Plus 5G boasts a 32MP sensor. In Portrait mode, facial texture details are clear with a perfectly blurred background. When using the normal front camera mode, images appear natural with contrasting but not excessive background colours.

One aspect worth noting is that the editing feature on the Realme 12 Pro Plus 5G might be considered basic as the AI editing lacks depth. Users may need to download additional modules for better editing results, as the current functionality is not maximised.

In conclusion, the Realme 12 Pro Plus showcases significant improvements in camera technology, design and performance, making it a strong contender in the mid-range smartphone market.

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