How to Remove Ads in Smartphone POCO 2024 -

How to Remove Ads in Smartphone POCO 2024 - Here are six ways to remove ads on your latest POCO mobile phone in 2024. These tips can be helpful if you find yourself bothered by the ads appearing on your POCO phone. 

Xiaomi's decision to include ads in its user interface came as a frustrating surprise in 2018. 

Considering Xiaomi's dominance of nearly 11% of the global smartphone market share, this decision has affected users worldwide. 

Unlike iPhones, Xiaomi can display ads in the user interface, even when you're accessing settings or the gallery. 

However, Xiaomi has its reasons for doing so. Just like Google and Amazon, Xiaomi sees itself not just as a hardware manufacturer but as an internet company that creates hardware. The company has promised to limit hardware profit margins to 5% forever. 

This means Xiaomi, like other tech giants, needs to generate revenue through add-ons, additional services, and advertisements.

Fortunately, the company provides various ways you can remove ads from your POCO phone. Here are the six best methods to do so in 2024:

1. Disable ads through MSA

MSA (MIUI System Ads) is a service that displays ads in the MIUI's built-in apps. You can disable ads on your POCO phone's interface by following these steps:
- Open 'Settings' on your POCO phone.
- Select 'Password and Security.'
- Click on 'Authorization and Revocation.'
- Toggle off MSA.
By disabling MSA, the number of ads will significantly decrease automatically.

2. Disable ads in GetApps Store

- You can also disable ads on your POCO phone through GetApps Store by:
- Opening 'Settings.'
- Selecting 'Password and Security.'
- Clicking on 'Authorization and Revocation.'
- Finding 'GetApps' and toggling it off.

3. Disable Ad Services

You can turn off ad services on your POCO phone to prevent ads from appearing on the interface by:

- Opening 'Settings.'
- Clicking on 'Password and Security.'
- Selecting 'Privacy.'
- Toggling off 'Personalized ad recommendations.'

4. Disable ads from Theme Apps:

Disable ads from theme apps on your POCO phone by:
- Opening the 'Theme' app.
- Selecting 'Profile.'
- Clicking on 'Settings.'
- Toggling off 'Show ads.'

5. Disable ads in Security App

Turn off ads from the security app on your POCO phone by:
- Opening the Security app.
- Finding the gear icon on the top right corner and tapping on it.
- Disabling "Receive recommendations."
- Selecting Cleaner and turning off "Receive recommendations."

6. Disable ads in Mi Browser

Disable ads in your Mi Browser by:
- Opening the Mi Browser app.
- Tapping on the profile icon in the bottom right corner.
- Selecting the gear icon for settings.
- Pressing on 'Privacy & Security.'
- Disabling 'Personalized services.'

These are the various ways to remove ads from your POCO phone in 2024. We hope this information proves useful.

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