How To Deactive Instagram Account in 2024 -

How To Deactive Instagram Account in 2024 - To permanently delete your Instagram account, you must log in and request deletion through your privacy settings. 

Instagram will provide a deletion date, which is 30 days after your request. During this period, your account will not be visible. However, if you log in before the final deletion date, your deletion request will be cancelled. Here is how to delete Instagram from your phone in five easy steps:

Deleting Instagram via Direct Link:

1. Log in to Instagram and open the page to request permanent deletion.

2. Open the drop-down menu and select the reason for leaving.

3. Click 'Delete'.

Deleting Instagram via Settings:

1. Log in to Instagram.

2. Open 'More' > 'Settings' > 'Account Center'.

3. Select 'Personal Details' > 'Account Ownership and Control' > 'Deactivation or Deletion'.

4. Choose the account you want to delete and click 'Delete Account' > 'Continue'.

5. Enter your password to verify your identity.

6. Select the reason for deleting Instagram and click 'Continue'.

7. Click 'Delete Account' to confirm.

How to Deactivate Instagram on Android or iOS:

To deactivate your Instagram account from your phone, you must request deactivation through the settings menu on your profile. 

You can find it under the 'Account Ownership and Control' option in the 'Account Center'.

Deactivation will hide your account for 30 days, but nothing will be deleted. To reactivate your account, simply log in — you can also choose to restart the 30-day deactivation period if you are not ready to return to the platform yet.

Steps to Deactivate Instagram on Android or iOS:

1. Open your Account Profile > Menu > Settings and Privacy.

2. Open Account Center > Personal Details > Account Ownership and Control.

3. Select Deactivation or Deletion and tap on the account you want to deactivate.

4. Choose 'Deactivate Account' and log back in to confirm deactivation.

How to Deactivate Instagram on Computer:

The deactivation process on the computer follows a similar process to the phone app, but is done through a web browser. Here's how:

1. Log in to Instagram.

2. Open 'More' > 'Settings' > 'Account Center' > 'Personal Details' > 'Account Ownership and Control'.

3. Click 'Deactivation or Deletion' and choose the account you want to deactivate.

4. Select 'Deactivate Account', click 'Continue', and enter your password again to confirm.

5. Choose a reason for deactivating Instagram, click 'Continue', then 'Deactivate Account' to confirm.

Should You Deactivate or Delete Instagram?

Delete your Instagram if you want to leave the platform for good. If you are unsure about permanent break, deactivate your account for 30 days. 

Keep in mind that deleting your Instagram account is permanent — profile, followers, photos and videos, comments, and likes will be lost forever. Deactivating your account is temporary and you can reactivate it anytime.

Deciding to deactivate or delete Instagram depends on your personal circumstances and social media usage goals. You may want a digital detox, more privacy, or fewer unwanted distractions.

 Or you may be concerned about user data protection, child safety, mental health, fraud risks, or Instagram hackers.

If you just want a break from Instagram, deactivating your account will hide it temporarily until you are ready to return.

How to Reactivate Your Instagram Account:

To reactivate your Instagram account, simply log in. Open the app and enter your username and password to regain access. 

The only additional step is to agree to the terms of use, which is only required if the terms have changed since your last login.

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