Best Insuracne Car All Risk in Indonesia 2024 -

Best Insuracne Car All Risk in Indonesia 2024 - Comprehensive All Risk car insurance can be interpreted as 'all risks'. This type of insurance is also known as comprehensive or all-encompassing. 

It means that the insurance will pay out claims for any kind of damage, ranging from minor to severe, and even loss. Unlike Total Loss Only (TLO) insurance, even a small scratch on your car will be covered by comprehensive insurance. 

However, there are some risks that may not be covered by comprehensive car insurance. You have the option to extend the coverage of your car insurance policy.

This extended coverage includes incidents such as:

1. Floods, typhoons, storms, and water damage.
2. Riots.
3. Earthquakes/Tsunamis.
4. Sabotage/Terrorism.
5. Third Party Liability (TPL).
6. Driver’s Accidents.
7. Passenger Accidents.
8. Legal Responsibility towards Passengers (TJHP).
9. Official Workshops.

If you are unsure about finding car insurance products, you can visit the financial product marketplace or check the simulation of your car insurance premium by filling out the e-form provided.

 After filling it out, you will receive various information on car insurance products that suit your needs.

1. Allianz Car Insurance

Allianz car insurance is offered by the main company Allianz. They offer a flagship policy, Automobile Liability, providing an annual limit of up to Rp5 billion. 

There is also the Allianz Mobilku policy which is divided into three different categories, making it customizable to fit your needs and budget.

2. Sinar Mas Car Insurance

Another consideration for comprehensive car insurance is Simas Mobile Gabungan, managed by PT Asuransi Sinar Mas (ASM). 

The company's two flagship vehicle insurance products are Total Loss Only and All Risk. The premium prices for this insurance start at Rp35 thousand per month for TLO and Rp175 thousand per month for comprehensive coverage.

3. Adira Autocillin Car Insurance

Adira Autocillin car insurance, marketed through Zurich Insurance, offers all-risk coverage that provides partial or complete compensation for repairs to your insured vehicle. 

Their workshop partners, known as Aucillin Garage, are located in various regions of Indonesia. 

The premium costs for Adira Autocillin insurance (Zurich Insurance) range from Rp71 thousand per month for TLO to Rp281 thousand per month for comprehensive coverage.

4. Garda Oto Car Insurance

Garda Oto car insurance is managed by PT Asuransi Astra Buana, a pioneer in motor vehicle insurance in Indonesia. 

Benefits of Garda Oto car insurance include comprehensive policy coverage, pick-up and drop-off services to and from workshops, and guaranteed original spare parts.

5. AXA Mandiri Car Insurance

Another recommended comprehensive car insurance in Indonesia is AXA Mandiri car insurance, managed by Mandiri AXA General Insurance.

 They offer coverage for both major and minor damages, including the risks guaranteed in the SmartDrive insurance policy. By paying a monthly premium of Rp194 thousand, you can insure your car against damage and loss.

These are five recommendations for comprehensive car insurance products to consider. Ensure you choose an insurance policy that suits your needs.

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