Best Firmware Smartphone 2024, Yes or Nah? -

Best Firmware Smartphone 2024, Yes or Nah? - If you are looking to install a custom ROM on your Android smartphone or tablet, make sure you know how to do it. 

However, not all Android smartphones support the use of custom ROMs. Typically, smartphones priced above one million rupiahs are more likely to support custom ROMs.

 On the official custom ROM website, there will be a list of compatible devices, including both Android smartphones and tablets, that can be installed.

Here, I have conducted a comparison research of some existing custom ROMs, and I am sharing some alternative custom ROMs that are highly compatible with many Android devices.

1. LineageOS

LineageOS is the successor to the popular CyanogenMod custom ROM. You may wonder about the departure of CyanogenMod. I believe that LineageOS brings changes and complete features compared to its predecessor, CyanogenMod. 

This is good news as the departure has brought an even newer product. Did you know that LineageOS also has a simpler launcher, a camera application with numerous features, and default applications designed not to take up too much space on internal memory or RAM? 

Just like its predecessor, CyanogenMod, Lineage also has a volume profile feature that automatically adjusts the volume of the smartphone under certain conditions. The privacy feature on Lineage helps control what data the installed applications can access. 

By not granting access to certain applications, Lineage will send incorrect data to prevent any leaks of your personal information. The key advantage of using LineageOS custom ROM is that it can improve the speed of your smartphone, making it feel like new. Therefore, Teknoinside has decided to list LineageOS as the best custom ROM for February 2024.

2. Cyanogen Mod

In second place is CyanogenMod, a popular choice among Android users who want an alternative custom ROM. 

Many users are satisfied with CyanogenMod due to its stability and timely updates. CyanogenMod provides a list of compatible smartphones and easy-to-follow instructions for installing the custom ROM. This custom ROM closely resembles stock Android, but without heavy pre-installed applications that usually bog down the system. 

Despite the lack of heavy pre-installed applications, CyanogenMod remains one of the best options as it comes with additional lightweight applications that do not strain the system. CyanogenMod is known for being a lightweight alternative operating system that users prefer over systems with cumbersome pre-installed applications. 

CyanogenMod is the best custom ROM that can help solve these issues and allows Android users to install this default custom ROM on their smartphones.

3. Liquid Smooth

Liquid Smooth stands out from other custom ROMs by focusing on performance and great features that complement your smartphone effortlessly. 

Although Liquid Smooth prioritises performance and user-friendly features, you can still customise it according to your preferences. 

One advantage of Liquid Smooth is the ability to adjust basic settings, such as switching off when charging your phone while powered on. It also offers easy overclocking functionality, ideal for users looking for smoother gameplay experiences. Feel free to download Liquid Smooth from its official website.

4. Paranoid Android

Similar to the features offered by CyanogenMod, Paranoid Android offers a stock Android-like interface with additional features. If you seek more comfort, Paranoid Android is the best solution for your Android device. 

Features include the Pie Control that allows easy navigation, app colour changes, and mode switches between tablet, smartphone, and phablet. Paranoid Android excels in providing various features that cater to different needs, even on low-spec Android devices. 

In other words, Paranoid Android is a top-notch custom ROM suitable for high-end or mid-range and lower-spec Android devices. Download the custom ROM easily from its official site -

5. AOKP Custom ROM

AOKP, derived from Android Open Kang Project, offers a range of features and is identified by its logo, a unicorn with custom features. 

Personally, I appreciate the Tap to Wake feature, allowing the screen to turn off when placed on a flat surface and wake up by tapping the screen. The RAM usage for AOKP is moderate, making it a great option for a variety of smartphones. 

In conclusion, AOKP custom ROM is an excellent choice for your Android smartphone due to its compatibility with various devices. Download the custom ROM using AOKP Device.

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