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What Is Sophos Antivirus in 2024? This Is Everything You Must Know

Mytips.id - Sophos Home Premium is an antivirus program by Sophos, is a top-tier software in their consumer protection series. 

However, does this consumer-grade program match the strength and sophistication of their corporate workstation tools?

1. Security

When it comes to configuring local scanning settings, Sophos Home Premium may not offer a rich array of options. 

On the home screen, there is a "Clean My Computer" button that initiates a standard scan of files and directories. Users can configure exclusions such as file types and websites, as well as exclude folders from the scanning process, but that's about it.

While the options may seem simplistic at first glance, there is more than meets the eye. Sophos has incorporated numerous advanced configuration settings in the cloud admin panel that the local program utilizes. 

Within this dashboard, users can enable and disable real-time protection that uses behavior-based analysis to detect zero-day threats, as well as detect and block malicious traffic attempting to connect to dangerous servers. 

Additionally, there is protection against potentially unwanted applications (PUA) like junkware. Users also have the option to configure Master Boot Record (MBR) protection to prevent ransomware interference, as well as protection against remote-executing ransomware. 

Although the local program lacks some common features like the ability to scan specific remote folders and drives, there are clearly robust enterprise-level protections working behind the scenes.

2. Features

In terms of internet security, all settings are configured and updated in the cloud, rather than locally. There is a fairly basic web filtering function that allows users to grant access to, warn about, or block specific website categories. 

Users can also create a whitelist to automatically allow certain websites. The software also includes a secure online banking feature with keylogger protection and a safe browsing environment whenever users access online banking sites. 

Its webcam protection feature automatically notifies you of any programs or websites attempting to access your webcam. Lastly, users can access a notification log from the web-based interface to see all the threats that have been mitigated by the system. 

Managing computer networks running this software, adding or removing devices from the management area, is as simple as clicking a button.

3. Ease of Use

Downloading and installing Sophos is incredibly easy and takes less than five minutes from start to finish. Sophos Home Premium is truly cloud-based software, making local management of the platform a breeze (with just four buttons and one page!). 

Configuring setting changes on the Sophos website is also quick and straightforward. Settings are separated by function, so everything related to virus protection, web protection, and privacy protection is managed on separate pages.

4. Support

Sophos provides a knowledge base filled with useful information on common issues. By clicking the "Submit Request" button in the support dashboard, you enter the ticketing system. 

The system includes a button for attaching files, making it easy to share elements like screenshots and logs with the team. 

Although live chat support is available, it can only be accessed from a separate landing page, which may cause some users to overlook this option. While not the fastest system I've encountered (during testing, I had to wait in queue behind two other users for five minutes), the assistance I received was prompt and courteous.

5. Pricing

Sophos Home Premium is available for an annual subscription, and the price is more affordable when multiple devices are protected. 

The upgrade in protection between the free and premium versions is quite significant. Premium users gain access to advanced ransomware protection, real-time zero-day protection, privacy protection, and customer support. 

The best part is that each Home Premium license covers 10 devices. Sophos' strength lies in securing large, centrally managed corporate networks, making it an excellent option for protecting large family networks with multiple computers while conveniently managing all settings and devices in one place.

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