McAfee vs Norton: Which Is Better in 2024 -

McAfee vs Norton: Which Is Better in 2024 - McAfee is one of the oldest antivirus providers, and Norton is also a veteran in the industry. Both offer solutions on almost every platform and provide innovative heuristic detection.

They also provide parental controls and anti-phishing tools, although McAfee requires additional browser extensions for these features. 

When it comes to anti-malware, Norton provides the most extensive security. Their proactive exploit and Sonar protection keeps you safe from never-before-identified zero-day attacks.

 Meanwhile, McAfee uses “reputation indicators” to send suspicious files to experts for review. McAfee and Norton offer additional useful features to improve your security. 

McAfee's dedicated social media tool scans posts and statuses for possible infections and can be used on an unlimited number of devices. 

Norton uses automatic backups and updates to ensure your files are not at risk, and crowdsources info to speed up the scanning process. Both companies offer similar online documentation and live chat customer service.

McAfee vs Norton: Which Is Better in 2024

1. Price

 Norton Antivirus is superior to McAfee in this comparison. Norton is much more affordable, with plans starting at $19.99/year. 

Additionally, Norton offers superior malware protection, faster scanning speeds, and a lower impact on system performance than McAfee. 

While McAfee offers a free version and excellent customer support, Norton provides a better overall value and ranks #2 on our list of the best antivirus software.

2. Protection 

Many Norton 360 vs McAfee reviewers rate this as a tie. To determine the winner, we first look at the German AV-Test Institute's independent test results. 

McAfee Total Protection and Norton 360 earned “Top product,” meaning they are the best antivirus providers no matter what device you use. Regarding AV-Comparatives , McAfee and Norton managed to obtain an online protection rate of 99.99% and received the Advanced+ badge. 

However, there are several things you need to pay attention to. Although both providers offer similar levels of online detection and protection, Norton has a slightly better offline detection rate and lower false alarm rate. 

What's more, we looked at the results of the SE Labs test. As it turned out, both competitors got the best awards. 

Norton managed to get a perfect score of 99% as did McAfee. In our internal testing, both antivirus providers performed very well. 

We ran different types of scans to see how effective they were at eliminating malware threats. Both providers caught 10 out of 10 malware samples we placed without requiring too many resources from our devices. 

3.Malware Protection 

Norton 360 and McAfee offer some great features for malware protection and removal. Norton malware protection includes highly reliable real-time protection that monitors and protects your device against a variety of online threats. 

You can also add the Secure Web feature in your browser to further strengthen the security of your device. It shows how safe each site you try to visit is. 

On the other hand, McAfee does offer a wider variety of features that include Tracker Remover, Secure Apps, and file shredder . 

The Tracker Remover feature helps clear your device of cookies and temporary files to improve security. As for the other two – let's just say you don't have to worry about your sensitive deleted files being recovered by cybercriminals or having to update apps manually. 

Apart from that, McAfee also has features to improve your browser security. It's called WebAdvisor, and it protects you from misclicks and typos to ensure you don't accidentally visit dangerous sites.

4. Features 

Norton gives you more security features than McAfee . While both antiviruses cover the essentials, Norton includes extras, like phone takeover and cloud storage monitoring. 

Here are the features: VPN (unlimited data) Password manager Dark Web monitoring Credit monitoring Secure browser Secure cloud storage, Norton has it but McAfee doesn't.

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